It’s never easy moving on, even when your house is on wheels. Sometimes, perhaps often, it’s the right thing to do. Whether it’s cross-country, down the block, or even a twenty-mile move. During our final months in Philadelphia, Sarah and I spent days google-searching what would be our destination in Florida. One cold winter day, we picked River Oaks RV Resort to be our new home. Fast forward to two months living in Ruskin, and we’d already decided a twenty-mile move needed to happen.


If you aren’t familiar with the Tampa Bay area, you probably don’t know where Ruskin is. Along the Tamiami Trail rests a little town that is now home to an Amazon distributing plant that put Ruskin on the map. It’s halfway between Tampa and Sarasota with no real landmarks other than rundown farms and RV parks (and now the Amazon warehouse). It’s perfect if you want to spend more time around the campground than anywhere else. However, it’s about 45 minutes to St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota. Also, walking around Ruskin isn’t the easiest and I would be hesitant to take my bike on US-41(though many parts of it have what they call a bike lane). Overall, Ruskin is a great place to go get forgotten. Whether it’s you forgetting your troubles or having others forget about you, Ruskin is the ideal spot.


As you can imagine, Sarah and I became restless with such a lowkey lifestyle. With only the Captain (our F-350 dully) as transportation the first two months, it became clear that the quiet life of Ruskin would be difficult and driving the truck everywhere would become annoying. Compliment that with one good locals’ bar, and we were in desperate need of new accommodations.

So, we started looking. It didn’t take us long to find Rice Creek RV Resort.

A twenty-mile move up the road would place us that much closer to Tampa and all of its indulgences.

A Twenty-mile Move to Riverview

Once we’d made the arrangements with both campgrounds, Sarah and I set our date to move. I spent three hours readying the rig and by noon we were loaded and moving. Something I’ve learned in my short time full-time RVing, a twenty-mile move requires about the same preparation as a cross-country one. You don’t want anything to break nor do you want to be a danger on the road. Take your time and do everything properly.

Final Thoughts

Do it! It doesn’t matter if it is a twenty-mile move or a two-thousand-mile move, just make yourself happy. Something we’ve found with RV living is as long as you don’t cause a problem, there are never hard feelings. People move on. Who knows, you might be back.

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