Writer Go Tiny on the RoadHi! We’re Sarah and Chris Carson, two writers who live in a “tiny house on wheels.” And while we live tiny, it doesn’t mean we don’t live big.

Choosing to live tiny was a challenge for us. Yes, we were concerned about our personal space, and yes, we’re “stuff” people and were we nervous about getting rid of most of our things. But the biggest challenge didn’t have to do with space or stuff at all.

The life we’ve chosen is a life of intentional adventure: we’re saying goodbye (or maybe “see ya later”) to the rewards and certainties of establishing ourselves in an office or neighborhood and we’re sidestepping the comforts of our societal training. We’re willfully entering the unknown.

Tiny living is about more than dealing with a small space; it’s a mindset and a philosophy. Being in a small space has a way of reorganizing your priorities for you, and we’re able to be free in a way that we couldn’t in a larger home. We have always been adventurers, and our tiny lifestyle gives us opportunities we thought we’d only dream about for the rest of our lives.


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