Since we started out the New Year exercise routine early, I got a little behind on posting the exercises. Remember, change isn’t easy, but anything worth having is worth working hard for. Remain positive and don’t allow setbacks to derail what you want to achieve.

Overall, the cold hasn’t affected our desire to make it to the gym, but the snow hasn’t fallen hard yet.
A simple recap of the goals for the day.

Lift and run. Try not to eat sweets. I succeeded in lifting and running. Failed on the sweets. Though exercising can raise my metabolism, it’s still not a great idea to eat whatever you want. Especially foods that make you feel sluggish and bloated. Here is a recap of what I got done at the gym. Still starting slow. Hoping that the week of New Year takes off.

DAY 2 12-29-17
Exercise Sets x Reps Muscle Group Weight
Seated On Bench Bar Lat Pulldowns Both Arms 3 x 10 Back 100/110
Barbell Bent Over Wide Grip Rows Both Arms 3 x 10 Back 105
Standing Bicep Curl Barbell Both Arms 3 x 10 Arms 55
Barbell Reverse Grip Wrist Curl 3 x 10 Arms 55

After the lift, I ran a mile in 9:34. I won’t post calories burned until I have a more accurate counter.  Often the treadmills and ellipticals will overestimate them. Additionally, while it is a good idea to track progress through numbers, it came become an obsession. I don’t want to get focused on every number I can. Remember it’s how you feel.

Stay strong. Stay positive. Continue to wander.

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