If there’s one thing you can count on in the American southeast, it’s a little touch of sweet. Whether it’s in the attitude of the person you’re talking to or the tea you’re drinking, there’s no shortage of sugar in any day. That truth extends to the craft wines at Old Stone Winery in Granite Quarry near Salisbury, NC, where you can indulge in flavors like white peach, cherry, honey, blackberry, and even pomegranate.

Our visit began with a tasting and ended with a delicious and relaxing glass of the good stuff in a beautiful setting. When we walked into Old Stone Winery, a friendly woman named Candace greeted us from behind a beautiful bar, and she gave us a good taste of southern hospitality right away when she offered us a tour after our tasting. She’d just learned a lot of interesting facts from the winemaker, and she was excited to share what’s the vintner had told her.

But first, wine.

Our tasting menu included a wide array of flavors. Each wine was thoughtfully balanced, and each could please a different Our tasting listpalate. Surprisingly, the Viognier was one of my favorites on the list. It had a crispy, balanced flavor with such a gentle touch of honey sweet that I couldn’t say my typical response to the sweeter, lighter variety:

A wine tasting of "Lucky," a light and crisp white wine“It’s nice for a white wine.” That and the Lucky made me think of floating in a tube in a pool or a river, daydreaming about nothing and generally enjoying the moment in which I was lucky enough to partake.

Another major highlight of our visit to Old Stone Winery was the muscadine (pronounce it “musky-die-n” when you’re in the south) flavors. It’s a nostalgic taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth and conjure images of salty afternoons on wraparound porches. If sweet tea could be made into a wine, I do believe this would it.

Much of the fun of the other wines was hearing a little bit about their nicknames and other fun stories that came along with them. But you’ll have to visit yourself to find out why one of their wines is called the “Kiss of Death” and give it a little taste for yourself.

As I mentioned before, Candice was excited to give us a tour of the winery, and we were gifted with a little walk around their 1,000-, 1,500-, and 2,500-gallon tanks from Italy and New York. We saw the station where they hand-bottled and crated their wines. (They’d done a whole crate in about five hours.) We also saw inside one of the big wine barrels where the magic happens and got to see the vintner at work. (Fun fact: the wine barrels can self-regulate their temperature.)

After a friendly fact-filled tour, we made a pit stop on our way out the door to have a glass of wine on their beautiful, small-wedding-worthy patio. With a backdrop of a bright and healthy vineyard and our minds full of fun, flavorful thoughts and ideas, we sipped on proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, and we were reminded of the smallest joys that prove just how big life is.

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