It’s been some time since I published the initial findingYOURinnerIRONMAN post. To the rest of the world, it would appear as if I’d been idle these past few weeks. Urging people to be the best they can be, while I, sit dormant. Watching.
That’s hardly the case.
IMG_2149I’ve been working out. But, I’ve also fallen victim to some of exercise’s biggest antagonists: procrastination, apathy, and excuses. These can cripple any workout regiment.

I took some pictures of myself. Got discouraged. Stood on the scale. Found a new level of self-doubt. Ate a couple pounds of holiday candy and came close to the epitome of self-pity. I still would go to the gym, but my workouts weren’t routine or organized. I didn’t have a focus. A goal. Those two components can keep you on track. Without them, it’s difficult to accomplish much. They are vital elements for maintaining a successful, long-term workout.

So I set a couple goals. These were of varying lengths and difficulty: long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals. My long-term goals include:

  1. Shed 40 pounds in 2018. Currently, I weight 231 lbs.
  2. Compete in a sprint triathlon with my uncle (and maybe father-in-law) over the summer.
  3. Be able to do 30 pull-ups.
  4. Run a half marathon (hopefully with my friend Ben).

Some of the mid-term goals would be:

  1. Go to the gym at least five times a week over the month of January.
  2. Drop 10 pounds the first month.
  3. Run at least 5 miles the first week of the month, 6 miles the second, 7 the third, and 8 the final week.
  4. Increase the weight on all of my exercises by the end of the month.
  5. Eat better.

IMG_2152And finally, some of the short-term goals include:

  1. Go to the gym today.
  2. Stay away from distractions while there.
  3. Don’t eat any holiday sweets.
  4. Run a mile.
  5. Perform all of my back and bicep exercises.

It’s a good idea to start working in some of your other life goals into these lists. Your physical health impacts your mental health which impacts your monetary, spiritual, and overall health. When you realize the connection between all of these, you can begin to improve one to help benefit the others. So, now that I have some of today’s goals outlined. I will leave you with my workout from yesterday. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments at the bottom.
Enjoy the journey. Exercise more. Wander more.

Exercise Sets x Reps Muscle Group Weight
Day 1 12/28/17
Barbell Bench Press On Bench 3×10 Chest 145
super set with
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press Both Arms 3 x 10 Shoulders 80
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 3 x 10 Chest 50
super set with
Front Raises 3 x 10 Shoulders 12.5
Pec Fly 2 x 10 Chest 130
Standing Cable Triceps Extension Both Arms 3 x 10 Arms 4 (I think the plates are 15 lbs each)

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