I like cleaning. It’s something I didn’t realize until I was in my thirties, but I do. I like it. It feels good and is even sort of–dare I say it?–fun.

Of course, for it to actually feel fun, the circumstances have to be just so, and the task at hand has to be of a certain manageable size. It’s best when it’s something that floats up from the back of my mind, not something that has transferred from to-do list to to-do list. And that’s why I think spring cleaning can be so rewarding–the weather changes a little bit, and you just know it’s time to clean. And not just sweep the floor. Like, clean.

Living a wanderous life as full-time RVers!

When you live tiny like we do, giving your house a deep clean is an essential part of life. Dirt and stuff seem to build up faster and you feel it a lot during your day-to-day activities.

We started our spring cleaning when it was finally warm enough to, and also because we knew we would be unplugging Bucky, hitching him to Captain, and hitting the road soon.

We split our cleaning projects into pieces that we could manage over several days, rather than wearing ourselves out. Of course, finishing the tasks before moving day came down to the wire, but we still got it done and I didn’t feel like I might lose it like I did when we filmed Tiny House Hunters. (More on that in a future post.)

We’ve mentally separated our RV into different sections, and this makes cleaning a lot easier. We have the “garage” or “office,” which is the toy hauler area, the kitchen (which includes the couch cove), the bedroom, the bathrooms (which tend to get cleaned together), Elayne’s room (the loft), and the “basement” or “the underneath,” which is the storage area in Bucky’s belly.

One important part of spring cleaning was getting everything in the toy hauler area organized. We’d actually had frost come into our RV through the cracks around the toy hauler door during the winter, and hadn’t spent a lot of time cleaning in there. In order to move, we rolled up the carpet and cleaned the metal floor.

The springiest part of our spring cleaning tasks includes cleaning the “basement” because to access it, you have to be outside. And after a loooong Pennsylvania winter, it felt pretty dang good to be outside. In addition to doing the task from the outside, to do it “right,” you kind of have to get INside. The undercarriage of our RV is about 8.5 feet across and about 4 feet wide. And, as you can see from the picture on the left, we put a lot of stuff in it.

We expect to continue finding exciting (exciting to me at least) ways to organize our RV, and we don’t think we’ll ever live in it in the snow again. It was as comfortable as any house, but why live in the winter when you can bring your home into the summer?

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