3 Space Saver Litter Boxes We Use for 4 Cats in Our RV

You read that right. We’re outnumbered in our RV. Two of us, and FOUR… of them. Cats. Kitties. Fur babies. Whatever you want to call them, they’re stinky and they poop. And since we’re talking about this unpleasant stuff, we might as well detail how we deal with it.

Our four girls have four litter boxes, cleaned twice daily. (One litter box is open and kept in the bathroom.) Although the ideal plan would be to have two litter boxes per cat, we simply don’t have the room. And so far (knock on wood), it’s worked out quite well. Everybody’s poo looks healthy, they don’t fight each other over litter box space, and nobody’s had a UTI.

One thing pet owners don’t like to think about is the way their house probably smells due to their beloved furry family members. But, if you go too long trying not to think about it, it might end up being all you think about when it becomes overwhelming. We want to avoid that, so we use lots of different products to try to neutralize the more unpleasant effects of having the cutest fur children in the world. One of the most important searches was the search for the litter box.

What We Searched For

One of my main goals in shopping for litter boxes to use in our RV was to find some that hid nicely but weren’t too small. We also have an open pan that we keep in the second bathroom because our finicky street cat sometimes has a bit of a breakdown and can’t find the enclosed litter boxes. But, we managed to hide the other three litter boxes away and it has improved the overall chi in our tiny home a great deal.

We also wanted to find litter boxes in neutral tones because that seemed to go with our overall look the best. We chose browns and tans and are generally pleased with the outcome.

Another factor was that we wanted to spend less than $150 total. It’s a little more than the average person spends on litterboxes, but since we are living in a small space and our litter boxes are essentially always visible, we figured we could splurge a little to find, quite literally, the right fit.

Lastly, we wanted them to either be multi-functional or able to fit in a space we didn’t use anyway. Only one of ours actually doubles as another functioning item in the house, but it’s a nice change from the open litterbox on the floor.

What We Found

To reiterate: We have a tiny house (we call a fifth wheel RV our home) and we have too many cats in it. And, since we can’t tell one of the cats to just go find their own apartment, and we certainly can’t put them back where they were found (a garage, a barn, and the street), we get to deal with their sh*t. Here are our three space-saver litter boxes we use to help bring a semblance of balance to our lives.

The Corner Litter Box

This litter box is currently placed under our corner desk in the toy hauler area of our RV. It is surprisingly roomy, given the nature of the design, and a twice-a-day scoop seems to be enough to keep it as clean as a litter box can actually be. It also has a door, but we took it off because the girls didn’t really seem to like it. Now, this is the most popular litter box in our little cat colony.

We like the box a lot, and it also comes in lime green for people who have a funkier vibe than we. Note that the ridge around the middle where the top clips onto the bottom sticks out a bit, meaning you may need a little extra space.

The Side Table Litter Box

This litter box is our most functional. It holds a 19-inch litter pan, which is a pretty decent size. And although it is in an entirely enclosed space, it has a door and is pretty tall so the kitties can be comfortable.


It comes in brown (espresso) and white (as you can see), and is also available in a double decker version if you want the luxury life for your feline. Ours doubles as our printer table next to our space-saving corner desk under which the other litter box sits.

“Planter” Litter “Box”

Last, but certainly not least, we have the litter box that fails the hardest at disguising itself as a litter box, but still helps out with the overall feng shui of our RV life. I give you the “planter,” a litter circle that sports a lovely plastic palm frond that makes very little sense when you think about it but is actually aesthetically nice.

So, it’s plain rude to your cats to put the opening toward a closed area so they have to sneak around it, so that’s why this thing makes me chuckle. It is very open about its litterbox-ness, so it’s not really hidden. BUT, it is much more aesthetically pleasing in small spaces than your average litter box. And for us, it adds a little bit of green to the inside of our home. Another thing that makes this litter box funny, but also adds value, is the plant. Be forewarned: It’s unlikely that your cats will not chew on the plant or the florist’s grass that surrounds it. We removed the grass and it looks fine, and we’ve actually placed an odor absorber on top of it to help us with our never-ending battle against odors.

Each of these litter boxes has its own merits, and each have a great reason to buy them. We stayed within our budget (the total for all three is almost exactly $150) and our home is a much more pleasant place to be these days.

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