What Piqued our Interest About the Salty Caper

After a visit to the winery, we had all worked up a pretty good appetite. And what complements a day of exploring better than artisan pizza at a cool local joint? That’s why on our second night in Salisbury, NC, we chose the Salty Caper, a little pizza bar just a few blocks from the quaint main drag. Chris had seen the pizza place while browsing the local “things to do” on Yelp Where to eat in Salisbury, NCthe night before, and we’d all perked up at hearing the interesting name. And, I’ll say right up front that if you’re wondering where to eat in Salisbury, NC, that the Salty Caper is an excellent choice.

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A Comment on Price

I’ll put the Salty Caper in the “very reasonably priced” category. At $11 to $14 for a small pizza, you can easily feed and beer two people for under $25. And while their top-end large pizzas are priced at $23 per pie, the blend of flavors and stuff you get on them will be a delight in every bite.


If artisan pizzas with a touch of old-country culture sound interesting to you, then Salty Caper is a great place to stumble upon. If you need to decide where to eat in Salisbury, it’s a no-fuss spot with a bunch of delicious options.

What We Ate

When we visited, we had Chris’s wanderful dad with us, and the three of us order the salty sgabei (the one that comes with pesto for dipping), Salty Caper’s house pie (pesto ricotta, mozzarella, tomato, and pine nuts), and a Veggie pizza (tomato sauce and mozzarella topped with veggies and spinach). The table favorite was definitely the house pie, and we gobbled it up pretty quickly. We also indulged in some of the beautiful brews listed on their chalkboard, most notably the PB&J ale by The Bruery and a Dragon’s Milk Stout by New Holland Brewing. (Are you a beer person? Check Chris and me out on untappd!)

Dietary Considerations

As is the case with most pizza places, Salty Caper is not a great place for people with a gluten allergy or someone who should watch their bread intake, such as a person with diabetes. They do have customizable salads that can have any of their many pizza toppings that include flavorful veggies and several types of meats. They do serve pine nuts on several items and have pesto in a lot of their recipes, so it may not be the best option if someone in your party has a severe pine nut allergy. If you’re watching your waistline, we suggest a salad (hold the cheese) with chicken, red onion, kalamata olives, and pesto. If that’s not quite enough, get a slice of something delectable or convince someone in your party to order sgabei and snag one when they’re not looking.

peanut butter and jelly beer
This is actually peanut butter and jelly flavored ale. Let that sink in for a moment.

Brief Wanderous Description

The Salty Caper is an inviting spot that seems to be popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s has a local feel and the walls are decorated with fun beer art and tin signs, making it feel like the type of place hipster bars aspire to be. It’s probably on the verge of being a #1 spot and a must-see, so I feel lucky that we got to visit it when we did and was pleased to see that they have another location in Mooresville, NC.

The restaurant fills a small space with a little bit of outside seating, a bar and a few tables. Since you order at the bar and someone brings you your food, there’s not a lot of hustle and bustle in the small space it occupies and it doesn’t feel crowded. By having customers order food at the bar and then take a seat, they’ve eliminated having a lot of people stand around. And, instead of having a server check on a table several times, there’s only a visit to bring the food and a visit to take the empty plates away. That makes the small space feel more open and adds to the relaxed atmosphere.


One of the coolest things about the Salty Caper in Salisbury, North Carolina is that you can tell its creators and employees pay close attention to detail. The menu offers interesting flavors that blend with all other parts of the menu, so you can be sure that all of the things you order will complement one another. There isn’t anything that feels out of place or doesn’t make sense–and it’s in this subtle way that it feels like a mainstay and a must-try. The idea that everything was carefully selected also applies to the layout, the look, and the pricing.

Recommendations for Your Visit

Visit the Salty Caper with your best bud, your mom and dad, a new date, your S.O., or all of the above. Have a beer. Order the house pizza and order sgabei just to see if you can say it right. Look around while you’re there and let yourself get a kick out of the stuff on the walls. You’ll have a good time.

Address: 115 South Lee Street Salisbury, NC 28144
Phone Number: 704-633-1101
Hours: Mon – Sat; 5pm – till



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