Our last night in Salisbury, Sarah’s sweet tooth made an appearance. There are few ways to appease it better than ice cream. So, we searched the streets of Salisbury to see what local ice cream we could find. It didn’t take us long.

Sarah in the Scoops

Salisbury Scoops rests on the same side of Main St. as the Piedmont Players Theatre. It’s a small store front that we walked by initially. At the time of writing this, a google search didn’t even bring it up on the map; we couldn’t just scan our phones for “ice cream near me”. Luckily, Sarah spotted the large cone logo on the front window. Her face beamed.

Salisbury Scoops has a simple menu with diverse flavors. Small and large are the two size choices, which is really all you need. If you are one of those aficionados that needs banana splits or hot fudge sundaes, they have them. And yes, they can make a milkshake from their two dozen plus options. We decided to keep it simple and get small cups, which at Salisbury Scoops included three different ice cream choices if we wanted. Which we did.

Ice cream!

Part of the fun going to an ice cream store is discovering what flavors are offered, so, I won’t spoil all of them. I went for the “cake” options: birthday cake, strawberry cheesecake, and red velvet cake. The cheesecake is the must try from those three. Dad had a small scoop of lemon, which the employee said was their best seller and dad understood why. Sarah indulged with red velvet, blueberry cheesecake, and the chocolate marshmallow option. We took our bounty and walked around Main St. If we wanted to, we could have sat inside or on a beach that’s right out front.

If you are looking for a quick dessert option that you can eat in or take with you, then Salisbury Scoops is for you. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream?


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