It’s hard to say why or how I had so much clothing. Even after I chose not to buy clothing for a whole year, my closet was still bursting at the seams. I mean, it was bad. I lost clothing behind other clothing. I had to use a significant amount of arm strength to push tops aside just to fit freshly cleaned tops in. And because my closet was so unruly, I didn’t even wear over half of it because it was overwhelming to pick out an outfit. I attempted to organize everything (by sleeve length, season, fabric weight, etc.), but after a week’s worth of life set in, it returned to being the same old mess.

WELL, IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF SOME OF THESE CLOTHES, said a voice from nowhere. I looked to the sky, into my closet, in the dresser drawer, at the cat. Wow, I thought, that voice must be coming from inside of me, from my smarter and more practical self who’s apparently been hiding from me for a while now.

“Okay,” I told it, and decided to go for a run. While I was running, I battled with myself about what the voice had said. How would I approach this? How would I know what to get rid of and what to keep? What if I made the WRONG CHOICE and one day ten years from now, thought, Dang, I really wish I kept that pair of pants.

It was this last great fear that actually helped me turn around my thinking on the matter, and I had two reasons that it was a silly thought: 1. Even the wrongest of the wrong choices would only lead to me having to pick out another outfit, and 2. If I did want to wear it ten years from now, that could be a perfectly good opportunity to GET NEW PANTS. <3<3<3<3

So, when I returned, sweating and huffing from my jog, I feebly pulled a few shirts I hated wearing from their hangers. I tossed them on the floor in a little pile.

TRY HARDER, the voice said. I picked up a top with the tags still on it… a top I’d bought three years prior. THAT’S MORE LIKE IT, it said.

“But,” I said, looking at the tag.


What a *$^@$, I thought.


Sorry, didn’t mean that.


Okay, I did.


But it’s a waste of money.


(cue operatic “aaaah” music) She was right. I could sell it. And I could do it online, not in a consignment store. 
I didn’t have the time or back strength to do that again, and so I finally listened to that big voice inside my head.

And thus began my journey with a my fun and fulfilling side hustle selling gently used and new clothing (and some other fun stuff) online. #girlboss

The first website I found when doing my search was Tradesy was started by a lovely entrepreneur named Tracy (cute use of her name, I thought) and its sellers upload pictures of their own items, then package and ship them themselves. This was a concept I’d never thought of before–managing my own listings. It was new to me, and I liked it. With my husband’s support (and his iPhone), I photographed each item in my pile of clothes and made listings on Tradesy.

And then I waited.

And waited.

And then I made three sales back-to-back, profiting $40.

And that gave me the little push I needed. I continued listing my clothing and expanded the enterprise to other sites, including Poshmark, Mercari, and Vinted. I also went to my local Goodwill and snagged a few deals to resell. Eventually, I got to the point at which I had a sale almost every other day. I noticed that I had more sales on the other sites than I did on Tradesy, and Tradesy took the longest to make listings, so I stopped adding new items to Tradesy.

I’ve scaled back my efforts for the time being, and now make about $200-300 each month flipping clothes. I’ve sold everything that was actually mine, and have replaced my bursting closet with a bursting collection of clothes for sale.

So, was I successful with my original mission of getting rid of my clothes? Yes. Do I technically own more clothes now? Yes. But I’ve also found an awesome side business that helps me tackle those millennial-sized student loans and allows me to sell awesome clothes to awesome people. And I consider that a win.

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