Get more followers on Poshmark.

How do you get more followers on Poshmark? Sometimes when you’re on Poshmark, it can feel like everyone else has more followers than you. You wonder, is it because of my closet? Do people just not like what I’m selling? I can tell you right now, emphatically, that the answer is no. Trust me, I’ve been there!

The fact of the matter is, lots of people love what you’ve got to offer! And if no one’s bought it yet, it’s just because the right people haven’t found your closet yet. And, on Poshmark, one of the best ways to help the right shoppers find out about what you’re selling is to get more followers. In other words, if your Poshmark sales are slow, you probably just need a bigger audience. So, how do you get more followers on Poshmark?

1. Follow more people.

One tried-and-true way to get more attention for your Poshmark closet is to pay attention to others. It’s really easy to follow others, and the Poshmark environment doesn’t seem to attach much loss in social status to following a crazy amount of users. I’ve seen some successful ladies who follow more than one million other Poshers.

This begs the question, how do you find people to follow on Poshmark? I have another post dedicated to this topic, but numbers two and three below are my favorite ways to find lots of new Poshers to follow.

2. Play follow games.

“Follow games” are a super easy way to connect with other Poshers and grow your network. The popular explanation of how to play a follow game is “1. Like, 2. Follow, 3. Share.” These three simple steps can help you get several followers, and I recommend looking for several follow games at once.

To explain further, once you find a listing, the first thing you do is like the listing by tapping the heart. Next to the heart, you’ll see text telling you how many people liked it. It’s a hyperlink, so tap on it and it will open another screen that shows you a list of usernames. Next to the usernames, tap all of the blue buttons that say “Follow” until you reach the end of the list. Then, close out the list and tap or click “share” so all of your followers will see this fun follow game. If everyone follows the rules, everyone who didn’t already follow you will become a new follower, and your numbers will continue to grow.

3. Play Super Posher games.

Super Posher games are basically follow games on steroids. They’re nuts, but they’re pretty fun and you can get lots of followers if you participate every day. To give you an example, when I play just one full super posher game per day, I usually get 800-900 new followers. Sometimes, I get more. Please keep in mind, though, that the number of new followers you get usually coincides directly with the amount of people you’re willing to follow. If you don’t mind putting in the work and following a lot of people, you’ll be really happy with the results.

So, how do you play a super posher game? It’s not that different from a regular follow game. But, like I said, this thing is on steroids. First things first: Once you find a super posher game, you have to “sign up.” Each game has its own theme and rules, but the general idea is that you put a designated phrase in a comment on the listing. You’ll find the phrase in the photos and the text of the listing. For example, one super posher game uses a fairy theme. For example, on one of the fairy super posher games, you can sign up by saying “Give me wings!” Then, the hostess will add you to a list. She picks several Poshers from that list, and they’re the Posher of the day (or, in the case of the fairy games, the fairy of the day).

Well, what happens when you are the super posher? And what happens next? First, you’ll find out who the super posher is when the hostess posts it in the comments on the listing. Your job is to share 5-10 listings (or another chosen number) of that person’s listings. Then, follow all of that person’s followers by tapping on your “Followers” section on your profile. But don’t worry! That number of Poshers is not a few thousand. The Poshmark app randomly selects 600 Poshers to show in the list. (Other Poshers, please correct me if I’m wrong about that number.) Your job is to then scroll down the list and tap “follow” on all of the ones you don’t already follow. When you’re selected as the super posher, the other “players” will share from YOUR closet and follow your followers. It’s simple and takes only a few minutes each time you play. And, you can play a bunch of games every day if you want!

4. Share!

This one’s pretty simple. By sharing your and others’ listings, your user profile and your brand gets out in front of more users every day. The more active you are, the more opportunities you give people to interact with you and your closet. You can share your own closet and you can share others. If you’re trying to network and get more followers, share multiple listings from one user at a time.

Those are certainly not all the ways you can get followers on Posh, but they’re guaranteed to get the ball rolling. Check out my closet @wanderous_life or find me on Instagram at Comment on one of my posts and I’ll share a bunch of listings for you!

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