Every year is full of ups, downs, and plateaus. 2018 was no exception. Time moves on whether we want it to or not, and our previous set of 365 days was full of adventure.

Today kind of forces you to look back upon your achievements, lessons, and celebrations of the past year. Here’s a quick look back at what we did in 2018:

  • We lived through a Pennsylvania winter in an RV. The winter of 2018 held a lot of excitement for us. Some good, some bad, and lots of it was in below-freezing temperatures. To deal with the winter, we had a heated water hose, space heaters, and thanked our lucky stars for how well the RV’s built-in heaters worked.
  • Our. Pipes. Froze. (Yep, those pipes.) Despite our warm setup, we awoke one day to find that no water went down when we flushed. It turned out that unprotected tubing + frozen ground + 10 degree weather = A MESS! We certainly will never forget it.
  • We adopted a cat by accident. She’s real cute. We were saving her from the cold, too, and we thought we’d miraculously find her owner once the blizzard passed. We didn’t. In 2018, we admitted to ourselves that we were keeping her.
  • We had our TV debut. With the help of brother Jeremy, we found our tiny home and shared our story with a national audience on House Hunters: Maryland Writers Go Tiny on the Road. What a fun and kind of weird experience!
  • We went to the Outer Banks for the annual Carson/Currence vacation. An awesome experience, as always. And beautiful weather. And loving family. What more could you ask for?
  • We went to MaineSee above. 
  • We spent six weeks in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. More amazing family time. Finding true joys in the mountain air. And Sarah went white water rafting for the first time.
  • We spent five weeks in Maryland. We caught up on work and enjoyed the eastern shore in all its glory.
  • Chris completed his first triathlon! With his Uncle Kelly and Sarah’s dad! 
  • We visited Dublin, Ireland with our parents, brother Jeff, and our friend Christine. 
  • Chris earned his Master’s degree. He is now a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has
  • We welcomed our precious niece, Everly Mason, into the world.
  • Chris got a new job. And then another new job.
  • Sarah got a new job. 
  • We moved our HOUSE! Three times
  • We bought the truck (Captain Steve Rogers) to move the house. 
  • We moved to Florida! We literally drove from Maine to Florida.
  • We visited our dear friends in Miami and got to see Bill Clinton and James Patterson talk about writing a book.
  • We built a deck
  • We had our very first Christmas away from home(s). 

We had a whirlwind year together, and we’re excited to turn the page and greet 2019 with open arms. How was your 2018? What are you looking forward to in 2019?

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