Sarah in the Park

The uniqueness that Salisbury, NC showcased felt endless. As if the city wanted to grab our attention to that fact one last time, our wanderings lead us to the graffiti art park. A plot of land at the end of S Main St. that warrants closer inspection. Dad, Sarah, and I, with our Salisbury Scoops treats, took that opportunity.

Graffiti art can be found on nearly every surface: bridges, buildings, benches…even boulders. The artists often select their canvases intentionally, craving that particular surface to display their piece. It’s an encompassing art form. It requires particular locations.Though all mediums require a connection with the audience, graffiti art exists throughout the areas we live. It’s canvas is always something throughout our communities. The city of Salisbury recognized the talent, beauty, and interpretation that graffiti art represents and gave it a new platform. Instead of artists seeking out buildings that could potentially have issues with graffiti, they now have an alternative venue to produce their expression.

And it’s not just for the artists.

One of the large rocks waiting to be painted

Three massive rocks sit at one end of the park. These are designed for graffiti as well. The hope is that for special events such as graduation, homecoming, etc. students will come out and paint the rocks. As the seasons and events change, the rocks will alter with them.

But the park’s atmosphere welcomes more than just the artists. The park encourages people to come and not just enjoy the art, but be outside, maybe have a picnic. It’s designed for the community to walk around and appreciate a part of Salisbury you might, in another context, not.

By allowing this type of platform for graffiti art, the community can fully embrace the artists and their style without the negative consequences that could arise from painting public or private structures.

So, if you find yourself wandering around the streets of Salisbury, take a stroll into their graffiti art park. In fact, do it several times. The art isn’t meant to last, but what you gain from it is. And every time will be a new experience.




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