When you’re traveling, it’s easy to get caught up in the “but I’m only here for a short time” idea, which can make you justify spending money at places you may not need to spend money. But it’s not so hard to be budget-conscious at least some of the time in Dublin, where there are plenty of fun things to see and do for free.
We picked out our three favorite things so you can spread out your expenditures if you so choose.

  1. St. Stephen’s Green: This large park is smack in the middle of the city,  providing green and lush exhibits of nature amid the gorgeous and ornate architecture that makes up much of Dublin. As a visitor, one probably doesn’t really need a “respite” from the hub-bub of the city, but St. Stephen’s Green is still a great place to explore on a visit. As with many places in Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green is rife with history, and several statues accent the manicured (but not overly manicured) beauty that surrounds you. The park itself has an interesting history, and is in place today because international hero Alfred Guinness himself decided to reopen the park in the early 1900s.
  2. Dublin National Gallery of Art: Art galleries are always an excellent conduit into the values and tastes of a culture, and the Dublin National Gallery of Art is no exception. In fact, the statue of a man on a horse out front embodies this idea. The beautiful sculpture has an orange traffic cone on its head. If you’re going to go here, plan to spend a few hours as you would with any art museum. As a side note, we’d recommend seriously considering paying a little extra to take advantage of special exhibits. When we visited, “Lines of Vision” was there, a beautifully themed pairing of paintings and poems. It was so cool I bought three copies of the souvenir book.

    Another picture of Sarah. This time she’s hanging out with Georgie.
  3. Dublin Printmakers Gallery: This stop is a little more off the beaten path, and it’s just a tiny place. However, it was a really cool way to see what working artists in Dublin are up to. After a walk down a long and steep cobblestone street, you’ll arrive at a little building with a little sign outside. This little diamond in the rough holds an amazing display of creative and expressive prints made by locals and international award winners alike.

This short little list can help you get started on your journey. Do you have favorite places in Dublin that are free? Share it with us so we can go when we return!!

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