Sarah and I have explored a fair portion of Maine. A lot of that time, we were driving in a car. When we can, though, we try to walk, bike, or hike it. Especially hike (if you are interested in another hiking post, click here). Maine has some of the best hiking trails on the east coast. One of our favorites resides in Camden Hills State Park: Mount Battie.

Panorama of Penobscot Bay
A Little about Camden and Mount Battie

The coastal town of Camden rests along the Penobscot Bay. A small community of about 5000, Camden encompasses one of the best features of Maine: a fishing life. Just outside of the harbor town, you can find 5700 acres of state park, the centerpiece being Mount Battie. Founded in the 1930s, Camden Hills offers about 30 miles of interconnected trails. Compared to other hiking areas in Maine, this is a moderate amount of land to cover. There is an option to enter the park by car. If you choose this option, there is a small fee to enter, but you do gain access to the many views that hiking up Mount Battie offers.

Dad and I at the top of Mount Battie
What to Know/Bring on the Hike

Not all hikes are created equal. Elevation, vertical climb, and length all have an impact on the difficulty. Mount Battie can challenge the novice, but it isn’t impossible. With just under five miles of a network trail, you could spend a few hours on the mountain easily. There are options to shorten this, and you could ascend and descend in less than two hours total. Of course, you wouldn’t be doing any site-seeing this way, and no one wants that. Most of the trail is packed dirt, but there are stretches of rocks and roots to climb over. A small patch consists of small boulders, so make sure you’re prepared to do a bit of climbing if necessary.

Because this is a light to moderate hike, you won’t need to pack any extreme gear. Water (always water) and a light snack would be the extent of the energy/food items you need to bring. Due to the high traffic, you shouldn’t need any GPS location devices other than your phone (which you will most likely have service). If you typically pack a daypack, you can bring it, but it’s not needed.

Casting shadows, shedding light on our journeys.
Final Thoughts

In Maine, get outdoors. Whether you are on the coast or near a mountain. In Camden, you have the benefit of both. Mount Battie is the ideal place for experts and beginners to get fantastic views of the coastal beauty of Maine. Bring your kids, your pets, and your friends.

Any enjoy the wonder of Maine in your wanders.

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