Sarah and I have been traveling together since day one. Honestly, we never really stopped. Our lives have been on a constant forward motion, always looking for the next adventure we can get into. Whether it’s checking out the local breweries, lying in the sun over at the shore, or jumping on a plane to cross the pond to Europe, we’ve traveled pretty hard. Something I’ve come to realize after all the miles–other than we’ve been an on-the-move couple–is that there are some major differences in the style of our travels. Mainly, I’ve come to notice a trend that we either take a vacation or go on a trip. Let me explain.

Going on Vacation

The beach is a favorite vacation destination

Relaxation and repetition are the two words that come to mind when I think of going on vacation. Let me clarify, not a redundant repetition, but a comfort-zone repetition. We often take vacations in areas we’ve been before. They become an annual or repeated travel destination like the Outer Banks for my family or Bonita Springs for Sarah’s parents. At these places, we’re familiar with our surroundings. They’re like a second home. We know our favorite restaurants, places to shop, and hangout spots. Though the urge to see new locations while we’re there arises, we don’t feel as compelled to follow that push. I mean, we’ll be back. If we missed out on it this year, we can always do it next time. Sleeping, lounging by the ocean, or reading that novel we’ve been meaning to takes precedence. Vacations are all about forgetting the worries of the world. And we all need those from time to time.

Taking a Trip

Streets of Dublin

When we take a trip its all about the destination and seeing the sites. Not that a vacation isn’t about the destination, but a trip revolves around an area we haven’t been before and experiencing everything we can while we’re there. Often, these are places we have to do a little extra planning to make traveling there possible, such as a foreign country. To shed some light on what I mean, we recently visited Ireland with our parents, my bother, and our friend Christine. On one of our days in Dublin, we drove out to Brú na Bóinne, came back and visited Dublin Castle, had lunch at a local pub, part of the group visited Sweeny’s Pharmacy while the rest of the pack went to the National Library, then we reconnected at the Guinness Factory to finally finish off the day picking up pizza. An action packed day for sure and one I would definitely not call relaxing. All of this was just one day. On a trip, we continually try to pack as much as we can into our schedules so we don’t miss out on anything we really want to see.


So Do I Take a Trip or Do I Go on Vacation?

This is all about if you need relaxation more than experience. If you need that downtime away from your daily life, take a vacation. If you need to energize your life, a dose of unexplored scenery could be right for you. Just remember you’ll often spend a little more money going on a trip than taking a vacation.

Let us know some of your favorite vacation spots or share some of your memorable trips. Are there other factors that you think go into defining a trip and vacation? Share your thoughts with us!

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