What Piqued our Interest: The Quarry came from the recommendation of my brother-in-law Jeremy. He and the fam stopped in earlier in the week while they were visiting Augusta, Maine. Just south of Augusta, in the little town of Hallowell, which is home to The Quarry Tap Room, they had a memorable lunch they thought was worth sharing. So, we gave it a try.
Average Price: $$ Anymore, the price of wings are at least $1.25 a piece. The Quarry was no different. Slightly, less really. You can get an appetizer for as little as $6 or pay up to $25 for 30 wings (which is a fair price). They have their personal twist on the typical pub fare, but the Smoked Turkey Croissant felt unique and out-of-character (but in a good way).
Average Wait: We got their shortly after 1pm on a Thursday afternoon. Hallowell was under some serious roadwork for the little burgh, but that didn’t keep people from coming in. The bar emptied and replenished with people during our time at the Quarry.
Style: They self-describe themselves as a taste of yesteryear, and I agree. There is a pleasant blend of wood and metal that appeal to the blue collar mentality of the establishment. Oak barrels and news clippings are just some of the decorations you’ll find inside and out. There are some modern touches blended in to make their style their own.
What we selected: We started the meal with some chips and queso, an easy go-to for something simple and affordable. Brolaw Jeremy suggested we try the wings, so the whole table went for it. Three orders of their Maine maple hot sauce and one of the honey teriyaki. They came out crispy and wet, which in the world of wings is ideal for me. We paired the wings with some Allagash brews, which was hard to do since they have several dozen to pick from.
Brief Wanderous Description: Modern Maine. If you’ve never been, then you might not completely understand. Driving down the highways in Maine, you rarely, if ever, see trash. It’s a very clean state. It also seems like the pace of life slows down a little. The Quarry seems to be very clean and move at their own pace (doesn’t mean they are slow, just really embody that feeling). They have plenty of little quirky touches and pieces of history that make the building just a fun place to go look at. I mean, anywhere that uses kegs as urinals has a unique eye for design.
Outdoor Seating: Plenty of it. The seating outside might have been bigger than the dining room inside. If Maine hadn’t been having their week of Floridian heat, we might have dined outside.
Intangibles: Anytime a place has a feature known as the beer board, count me in. Whether that means they are putting all of their beers on a easy-to-read list or asking me to be part of the hops committee. In this case, they have a rotating list of beers they update on a massive chalkboard beside their bar. But when they do have a hops committee in conjunction with their beer board, I want to be one of the trustees.
Recommended? If you find yourself in the Augusta area, that is assuming you don’t have Hallowell set as a destination, then you should take the time to drop in. The old architecture of the town alone is worth at least a drive through, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you stop into the Quarry Tap Room.


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