Sarah and I are still freshly minted here in Tampa. We’ve explored some areas closer to Ruskin, but haven’t really had the opportunity to enjoy the city. Luckily, our friends Craig and Bryan have been living in Florida for almost ten years and know some of the best places around town. Over Labor Day weekend, we met them in Ybor City for a few drinks at The Brass Tap.

What Piqued our Interest: 

Though Sarah and I didn’t pick this one out ourselves, we both understood why Craig and Bryan wanted to bring us here. With several dozen beers of all kinds on tap, there was no shortage of option. They feature several of the crafts around Tampa and St. Pete, as well as many breweries we hadn’t heard of. Anywhere that supports local usually gets our vote for a destination to check out. The Brass Tap is centrally located in Ybor, making it a good meeting ground for people going to be in the area.

Average Price: $$

The Brass Tap’s beers aren’t making any headlines for how cheap they are, but they aren’t ripping you off either. Your average beer is going to be around $5 for a craft, but you can find a PBR or Yuengling for less. There are specials Sunday through Thursday, stop in and check them out if you want to be kinder to your wallet.

Average Wait:

During Labor Day weekend we expected Ybor City to be buzzing with activity. The reality was much different. The Brass Tap, like much of Ybor, felt rather docile. The potential to become crowded on the weekend nights exists though, so if you are going out then, you might want to be prepared for the masses.


Here I go tossing out some of the words I hate using, but I can’t help it. Rustic. Industrial. Inrustical? In places it feels like an old saloon with brass railing, but then you look over the bar and see four flat screens lining the wall. The focus is beer, and you can feel it in their style.

What we selected: 

Their pub grub didn’t really speak to us so we skipped the food. We kept to the taps and I found an IPA from the Uinta Brewing Company, Hop Nosh.

Brief Wanderous Description: 

A statue of the founder of Ybor stands guard outside of The Brass Tap, welcoming everyone in for a frosty beverage. Before you cross the threshold, the beer taps can be seen behind the bar like a massive row of pipes from a church organ ready to make brewtiful music. There are subtle touches or personality in almost every aspect of The Brass Tap. For the avid sports fan, you’ll never miss a moment of the game since they put private TVs over the urinals.

Outdoor Seating: 

If there is, it’s nothing special. But that’s not why you’d end up at The Brass Tap.


The Brass Tap does beer right. They pride themselves on being beer connoisseurs. But they aren’t hoarding their knowledge. For all of their patrons, there is the option to join the Brew Crew. A dedicated list of brew-heads looking to diversify and intensify their beer experience. As they put it, “drink beer, get rewarded.” Sounds divine to me.


Ybor City should be a must when you’re in the Tampa area, and The Brass Tap should be one of your stops while there. A great place to watch the game, sample a local craft or just have a day beer with friends.

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