Too often we don’t pay attention to the flyers, signs, or postings plastered in our wandering lives. That’s why Sarah and I suggest following the sign when the opportunity presents itself. CraftBeerThe last time we did, it looked something like this (stage left). No elaborate hook (other than the large letters saying Craft Beer). Some subtle earth tones. Simple and to the point: beer, food truck, and live music. That’s all the hook you need.

Once the hook had set, we fished out some more information to see what Craft Beer by the Creek entailed. Doing a little research on where you’ll end up when following a sign is just sage advice. Proceeds benefited the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association. So local brews, music, and entertainment while supporting a good cause? Sign me up (pun intended).

Sarah and I asked our friend Christine—who accompanies us on many of our wanderings—to join. We arrived late, around 2. For a three hour event, your math isn’t wrong, a third of the fun was already over. But we weren’t discouraged. The atmosphere could be felt from our walk along the Wissahickon Creek—where we passed many comers and goers from the event. From across the bridge leading to Four Mills Barn, Sarah could see what would cement this as a “must-go” everything year. They allowed dogs.

Note: Anytime four-legged friends are allowed means that you are donating to a worthy cause.

And, the rest of the day didn’t disappoint.

The Craft Beers all started out from the Conshohocken Brewery; but, after the first hour and a half, the reserves were depleted. Event personal sought additional supplies from the Ambler Beverage Exchange. Though no actual breweries attended, the staff tried to stay true to their namesake of Craft Beer when they resupplied. All beers cost $5, even after the pints ran out and only 12oz. cans remained. That, probably, remains the biggest downside to the day.
Food Truck Sign

Food held up to its end of the bargain. The food truck offered a selection that fit the setting. A variety of sandwiches, fries, and other delectables easily eaten with only your hands. Sarah and I did splitzies with a Pulled Pork Warp and a Chicken Cheesesteak. Christine gave the fries a chance. None of us felt disappointed or hungry when we had finished. Can’t really ask for much else from a food truck.

For music, the Acoustic Keys performed for the entire venue. A duo that played a blend of their own music and covers on a keyboard and acoustic guitar. Relaxed and low-key rhythms maintained the atmosphere played by the capable fingers.

Overall, Four Mills Barn and the Craft Beer by the Creek event brought together like-minded folks looking to support the walking trails and other outdoor experiences along the Wissahickon. Another successful event explored when we chose to see where the sign can take you.

So if you find yourself staring longer than expected at a local flyer about Craft Beers, don’t ignore it. Chances are you’ll stumble upon some succulent food, frosty brews, and a good group of people—that brought their dogs to the party.

See sign. Wander with Sign.

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