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Chris carson, creative conjurer Chris Carson, creative conjurer
Chris was born in the hills of West Virginia in the little town of Buckhannon. From day one he recklessly struggled with people who told him how to live his life (when the tubes were placed up his nose after birth to get excess mucus out of his nasal passages, he proceeded to cry harder and pull them out). He would fight and question aspects of his young adult life until he eventually moved to Morgantown, WV to pursue a degree from West Virginia University. After five years he had achieved a Bachelor of Art in English. He would spend the greater part of the next five years of his life in Ocean City, Maryland enjoying the Mid-Atlantic beach lifestyle. He would have his life changed forever with one swipe right on a Tinder profile followed by a twist on a Jerry McGuire quote…You had me at the cat in the guitar case. After that moment he and his new found romance, Sarah Mason, would move to Philadelphia to pursue their writing careers. Chris currently works as a freelance writer, producing newspaper articles, blogs, content pages, and other genres for several clients. He is also currently in pursuit of his MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University. In his free time he enjoys traveling the northeast with his wife, working on his blogs and manuscripts, and playing with the wanderous cats in his life.
sarah mason, word sorceressSarah Carson, word sorceress
Sarah is from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, raised in an even littler town called Pocomoke. The small town shaped her but didn’t suit her, and she moved out at age 18 to go to college at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she got a B.A. in Communications and a Life Degree in navigating streets and public transportation. After graduation, she felt really cold one day and decided to move to Miami, where she eventually enrolled in the Creative Writing program at Florida International University where she got a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Though the magic of the palm trees never wore off, she decided it was time to go back to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast and hang out in Maryland for a little while so she could figure out her next adventure. While stretching on the floor after a long run, she swiped right on a picture of a cute guy wearing a Hulk Hogan costume at a gas station (who happened to have a picture of a cute cat as well), and from that point on her life got a little goofier, a little more fun, and a whole lot better. She currently works as a freelance writer and loves clothes, TV shows, reading, yoga, photography, traveling (obviously), and she tries to fill her days with all of these things.

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