Breaking Bad Film Locations Self-Guided Tour

Call me a bad travel blogger or a bad Breaking Bad fan, but I didn’t feel right taking a picture of Walter White’s iconic house for Wanderous Life… mainly because SOMEONE LIVES THERE! (Same goes for Jesse Pinkman’s house) She said that people stop and photograph her house all the time, and sometimes it annoys her, and sometimes she has to chase people away. She also said that her house has been broken into… twice. Apparently, we turn into unreasonable fanatics when we think we have a chance to touch an alternate world.

Anyway, using the now-outdated Roadtrippers self-guided tour on my phone, I broke away from my group of friends for an afternoon, got the oil changed in the car, and went looking for spots. I’d already seen To’hajilee on the way into ABQ, so that had gotten me pumped up for the other spots.

To'hajilee Breaking Bad
To’hajilee heading into ABQ
To'hajilee in all its glory
To’hajilee in all its glory

The Stuff I Didn’t Photograph (Sorry)

I decided to save Jesse Pinkman’s house and Walter White’s houses for last, so the first thing I went to see was the infamous car wash. It was called Octopus Car Wash after the show was filmed and is now called Mister Car Wash. When I went to visit, it was called Octopus and there were lots of people outside. I didn’t take a photo of this location either because it seemed rude at the time, but I loved watching this made up place function in reality. It really was a car wash. And it really could have been the cover for laundering tons of money. Other posters have said there are pictures and memorabilia inside. (In retrospect, I wish I’d just taken a picture. Guess Chris and I will have to head out to ABQ and spend more time doing this little tour!)

Other Places I Visited

Another location I saw was Saul’s headquarters. As with the car wash, this location has changed identities several times as well. After filming, it was a restaurant called Hoolihan’s. By the time I got to ABQ, it had become Vault, a nightclub in a conspicuously empty parking lot.


This plaza all doctored up for filming. Seems right that it would be a nightclub now.

Albuqurque has evidence of Breaking Bad’s success everywhere you go. But, there are many other awesome places to visit in Albuqurque if you ever get the chance to visit.


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