Vinted is a website/app where you can sell your clothes for MONEY that goes directly IN YOUR POCKET (figuratively). They’re awesome because they don’t take a fee from the seller. They tack on a small fee when the buyer completes a purchase, so you don’t have to do any math gymnastics to figure out if you’re going to make your target amount. It has a small following and some frustrating features, but selling on Vinted can be pretty lucrative. Here are three things you can do to try to boost your sales.

1. Describe the size.

Vinted has pre-fab settings that you can use to show what size your item is. However, those descriptions can be a bit confusing and leave a lot up to the buyer’s imagination. To avoid getting your items returned, make sure to describe the size in the description section. For example, if you choose “4/S” as the size, specify that it has “small” on the tag, not a “4,” but that you chose that because it fits smaller than a 6 typically does.

2. Show tags in your cover photo.

If your items are new with tags, of course you’ll include that in your listing. But, since the Vinted feed doesn’t show the condition of the item until you click on the specific thing, make sure to pull the tag forward and place it on top of your item, so it’s there for all to see. People are more likely to want to get a steal on something brand new, right?

3. Make offers when someone favorites your item.

This is a vintie who has already engaged with the item and has shown interest. This is a great way to entice her or him to hit the buy button. Just put yourself in the other vintie’s shoes (sometimes literally): you’re looking at a cute dress, and you’re thinking, “Gosh, that’s a good price, but I still have to pay shipping and the Vinted fee.” But then, the seller effectively says, “I get that, and I’m willing to give you a better price because I’d love you to have it.”
Do you have more tips for your fellow vinties? What’s worked for you, or has worked against you?

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